Astounding Honesty

When we came to updating our kitchen a couple of years ago, we decided to replace the boiler as it was getting old, but not in disrepair. We were given a large quote by British Gas, including ripping up floorboards to replace pipes, which concerned us not least because it was likely this would also be subcontracted and inferior work. As we were happy with our Valiant model boiler (which I can strongly recommend also, I investigated installers of that particular make, which lead us to HDM Services.

The first thing they asked when inspecting was “Why did we want a new one, as there was nothing wrong with the old?”, which is astounding honesty. When we explained, we were given a quote and the new boiler was installed in an afternoon with little fuss (no floorboards ripped up) and has been perfect since. We now use HDM for our regular boiler service and other work, including assistance, prepare our property for renting. They also came to our rescue when trust in our Lettings Agent broke down. Honesty, reliability and professionalism make any service value for money so I cannot recommend HDM Services highly enough based on our experience with them over the last 5 years.

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